In Boston there’s a funny saying “You can’t get there from here” because the roads are a bit crazy.  We are apparently famous for our twisting/turning former cow paths, one-way streets, and roads than change names on a whim.   It seems to me that professional services leaders sometimes feel this way about marketing.  Which is too bad, because with a bit of up-front discussion, there can be clear path.

Personal Marketing Plans are a tool I use with clients to help focus an individual’s energies and efforts. Addressing the areas of current client relationships, referral networks, prospects, organizational involvement, volunteer or board service, and thought leadership development, a personal marketing plan is a road map to reference when you think you should be doing something for marketing but you’re not sure what it is.

When I work with clients, it’s also a way for me to keep track of the many firm leaders and their priorities. Like a map, the personal marketing plan has a destination; a goal that is usually in the form of new revenue to the firm. Taken in aggregate, all of the personal marketing plan goals for the firm’s leaders should total the firm’s growth goal for the upcoming year. Because they are personal goals, it can be decided whether every partner has the same goal tailored goals based on the circumstances. Associates and managers deemed possible partner candidates should have personal marketing plans too since this is a skill you’ll want to develop earlier than later.

Personal Marketing Plans are useful because each individual has a different comfort zone, different style, different network, and different aptitude. By working one-on-one with firm leaders, I help to craft a plan with the individual that is practical and sustainable and then support him/her in reaching the ultimate goal.

What strategy do you use to stay on the road to your revenue goal destination?

If you would like help crafting a personal marketing plan, let’s talk.


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Alison has more than fifteen years of professional services marketing and business development experience. She is a Boston College Double Eagle, holding both a BS in Management with concentrations in Marketing & Information Systems, and an MBA. Alison is a member of the 2009 Boston Business Journal’s 40 Under 40 class of honorees.