Forrester Research reports that 66-90% of the buying process is over before a B2B buyer speaks with a potential service provider.  So, what is it that makes your firm one of the whose phone will ring?  Your brand.

Your brand is the collection of messages and visuals that collectively represent your firm.  As a professional services firm it can be difficult to describe what makes you different. Your firm and your competitors provide similar, often highly regulated, services performed by well trained and educated professionals.

But your firm does have a lot to offer. Savvy buyers won’t be swayed by the age of your firm, your poetic description of your staff’s dedication, or your association memberships.  Instead, gain their trust by demonstrating it through cohesive and professional looking client-centered, industry and service specific intelligence.

This can be accomplished with marketing activities such as industry specific studies, white papers, your website, social media, email newsletters and even your proposals.

How do you differentiate from the competition?

Most buyers of professional services can’t objectively determine if your work is of high quality.  So how do they choose who to trust?  A large part decision is made by their impression of your brand.