Online Marketing

Your Website –
A prospect’s first impression of you

Your firm’s website doesn’t need a ton of bells and whistles and it doesn’t need Pinterest or Instagram, but it should look modern, be easy to navigate, and convey to a prospect why you are the best possible solution to their problem. Websites are more important than ever because of the transition of C-suite and management roles to Gen X and because of the increasing use of mobile phones and tablets. The good news is that a new website isn’t as expensive as you might think.


93% of business buyers begin their buying process with online research.


For them, a visit your website is your first impression. Knowing that, do you feel confident in the way that you are represented online?


51.9% of firms are eliminated from consideration by the prospect because of their online research.


There’s a very good chance that you’ve lost the opportunity to pitch to a new client and you never even knew who they were.


The C-suite getting younger: 61% of CFOs are under 50 making them Gen X buyers.


Are your marketing strategies adjusting to match the shifting demographics?

(Statistics from Hinge Marketing)

Simons Marketing can manage your website project from concept to launch:


help you differentiate from your competition


build-in behind the scenes features that will help your Google ranking


collaborate on overall look/feel/purpose of the site


help keep the site fresh with new content and appropriate social media


develop navigation structure for optimal user experience


write client focused, not firm focused, text that will resonate with readers

Social media – it’s a tool not a strategy.

Does your head spin when you hear about, let alone try for yourself, new social media sites? (Or do you just keep a safe distance and ignore it entirely?) Keep in mind that social media is neither a strategy nor a solution, but rather a TOOL to help you reach your goals. Just like the hardware store has more tools than you need in your garage to get a job done, so too the Internet has a vast array of options – many of which you will never need to use. That said, social media can provide tremendous value to your firm if used correctly. I can help you master the important social media sites or take care of it on your behalf. Let’s talk!

Looking to revamp your online presence?

Let’s talk about your goals of your website and make your website work for you.