Coaching & Development

There’s more to being a professional than knowing the regulations.

Many people avoid networking, using LinkedIn, or trying to win new clients because their previous experience leads them to believe it’s a futile and uncomfortable waste of time. They therefore avoid it, and miss out on the potential for tremendous benefit. Whether it’s through group training or one-on-one coaching, I can offer guidance and answer questions to overcome their fears and offer motivation from my daily use of LinkedIn and 10 years of experience networking on behalf of professional services firms.

The topics on which I frequently present are:


LinkedIn for business development

identify prospects, research for proposals, ask your network for referrals


Personal branding

differentiate from others who do similar work, be memorable and top-of-mind for referrals



“elevator pitch,” how to enter and exit a conversation gracefully, and even what groups to join


Building client relationships

appropriate interactions for each level

To whom will you pass the baton of your firm’s leadership?

Your firm has talented professionals at all levels. But which ones will be the partners of the future? It’s a two sided coin of retention and skill development and your firm must invest continually or risk the loss of a key person.

I can help you identify your high potential employees and work with them to develop their non-technical skills so they will be ready to assume the role of partner when the firm is ready.

  • Personal Marketing Plans
  • Networking and building a network of referral sources
  • Non-profit board participation
  • Leadership and mentoring

Your firm’s future depends on the talent you develop today.  How can I help your firm transition smoothly?

Get your team the guidance and support they need.

Confidence goes a long way in business.  Sometimes just knowing what to do is the hard part. One-on-one we’ll discuss your goals and your comfort zone, and determine a path that you’re (mostly) comfortable with. Throughout the year I can provide as much or as little support as is needed for you to stay on course.